E Tenebris
DEC 2011
ABOUT YOU AND WHO: This is a T-Shirt Illustration for You and Who's next campaign and t-shirt line, Moving Forward.  This design is one of eight that will be revealed this year at South By Southwest.  You and Who's new website will launch March 12, 2011.  You can purchase a t-shirt, and when you do, another t-shirt is donated to someone in need.  I definitely recommend checking out their site.  Buy a shirt (or..buy my shirt :D).

ABOUT THE DESIGN: The title "E Tenebris" is Latin, meaning "out of darkness".  The crow, while typically associated with misfortune, is holding an olive branch, which stands for a symbol of peace.  Thus, the entire design is meant to represent something positive coming out of something negative.  
Men's shirt in black.
A women's shirt was made in yellow. 
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