E  N  A  M  E  L    P  I  N  S

A collection of concepts for enamel pins throughout the years. 

C H R I S T M A S  M M X V I I
I used to make a Christmas card every year, this was the year I decided to make pins.  The idea was to have a simple rendition of the bird that I tend to draw for GRAPHICBLACK materials.  The star is an allusion to the Nativity story. 

Pins produced by : Yesterdays

O M G C   Y O U T H   M I N I S T R Y 
For the Confirmation Liturgy every year I make a pin for the candidates. The iconography is always related to either the sacrament or the church community.  

Pins produced by : Valor Props and Effects, Yesterdays

C H R I S T M A S   M M X V I I I 

Initially I set out to create a pin with a gift wrap pattern or a Christmas tree, later I moved on to a dove and poinsettia, until finally moving on to the combination of an angel and poinsettia. 
Pins produced by : Yesterdays

H A L L O W E E N   M M X I X 
I wanted to get more experimental and had planned to produce more pins throughout the year. The goal was to create something for Halloween.  I started with gothic elements, like church windows and skulls, but wanted to avoid obvious horror cliches for something more surreal (though I still very much enjoy the first attempts).   I may produce some more of these in the future. 

The first one, SPACE SPECTRE is the one I chose to produce. It's a ghost with stars beneath its veil, alluding to a spirit moving on into the infinite. This was my first time working with a black nickel enamel, and glow in the dark color.  I'd like to do that again soon. 
Pins produced by : Yesterdays
Sticker produced by : Sticker App
C H R I S T M A S   M M X I X  |  M M X X
For this pin the main concept was about light, and the spreading and holding of that light. My goal was to have red stained glass to emphasize this idea.  The red glass also serves as a Eucharistic allusion, specifically hinting at sanctuary candle over the tabernacle.   The red on the pin has no backing to it.  I'd like to experiment with this idea further in the future, potential with a different material for the glass.  
Pins produced by : Stadri Emblems

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