"GreenWaves is an annual event at the University of Central Florida that implements environmental and social 'best practices' to promote the need for conscious sustainable solutions. This will be an opportunity to experience exciting perspectives in a positively charged, entertaining atmosphere." (ucfgreenwaves.com)
I had worked on Greenwaves Music and Arts Gathering last year.  The campaign was a success, winning NACA's choice for "Best Campaign" in their 2011 Graphics Competition.  Overall I really enjoyed working on it, so when I was asked by Christian Damon (Campus Activities Board Concerts Director) to do it again for Greenwaves' third year, I was definitely excited to do it (especially at Christian's description, "The Image in my head is GreenWaves meets Tron: Legacy").  This year Greenwaves would take a vibe reminiscent of  Ultra Music Festival, featuring electronic musicians such as Alesso, DEV, 3Lau, and Killagraham. 

I was asked to create various branding and promotional materials from the logo to print and web graphics. Christian would suggest some great ideas for the logo and type, and print graphics which I would then implement or bounce other ideas back to him.  This client to designer communication made it easier to come up with a brand for Greenwaves III (GWIII).  The work order for GWIII  is probably the largest I have done while working at the Office of Student Involvement (OSI), but it is also one of the most enjoyable.

The main icon for GWIII is a modernized version of the Re-Cycle triangle.  
A shortened version of the text "Greenwaves III".  The G is the universal power symbol turned on it's side.  The Roman Numerals are meant to allude to batteries - suggesting how GWIII will be the university's first interactive concert. 

The final poster has a slightly different type treatment, but it's based off of this one. 
Events from OSI typically have handbills to pass out, which are often smaller versions of the main poster.  This year, GWIII has die-cut triangular handbills.  
Large events at the University of Central Florida Arena have different access passes identifying different people. The passes are usually based off the main poster, but this year, GWIII will have die-cut triangular passes. 
This is the first draft for a 3-color T-shirt design.  Unfortunately, organizations outside of OSI that also work with GWIII wanted to take a more typographic approach with the main slogan "You power the concert, the concert powers you".  In order that all parties may be satisfied with the design, I tried compromising by making the next design below featured below.

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