Merch graphics for Our Mother of Good Counsel Youth Ministry. 
First image in each grid is the selected shirt design, followed by posters, and rough concepts. 
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The Youth Ministry at Our Mother of Good Counsel is involved with preparing teens for the sacrament of Confirmation. As such, iconography of the Holy Spirit tends to be the bulk of the concepts.  For this year, the design chosen for the shirt depicts the Archangel Gabriel pointing upwards to the Holy Spirit, a nod to the event known as the Annunciation, in which the Blessed Virgin Mary gives her "yes".  

Additionally the designs incorporate the new OMGC brand from the previous year. Simple and bold was the approach. 
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The main design introduces a bold new OMGC brand, while showing an illustration of the actual parish below.  

The poster designs are primarily influenced by the shapes of stained glass windows.  The first poster design was later modified for a limited edition t-shirt run.  
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Our Mother of Good Counsel is a Catholic community started by the Order of St Augustine. The central Augustinian icon is a heart struck by an arrow, with a flame on top (typically accompanied by a book, by I omitted it to simplify the design)

The first two poster designs are representations of the Holy Spirit, as OMGC Youth Ministry prepares teenagers to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. 
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The theme for this year is primarily based on quotes from notable people in the Catholic faith. 
"...You are made for greatness" - Pope Benedict XVI
"Be courageous." - Pope Francis
"...our hearts are restless..." - St. Augustine. 
Thank you!
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