"We have a fencing club?" is something the Fencing Knights at UCF hear all too often. Fencing easily lends itself to cinematic and epic characteristics. In an attempt to rise above all the other advertisements students see on campus, designs with a very loud, firey, and almost space-like quality were created. 

This isn't my first time creating work for The Fencing Knights, I had created flyers for them during my first year as a member, but I had never really embarked on all encompassing brand project until now.   On earlier pieces I had "dramatization" hidden somewhere on a corner of the artwork - I've decided not to include it this time as fencing really is this epic (our at least in our eyes it is).  

The fencers on these graphics are all members of The Fencing Knights, with exception of two in the screen-print poster, which are in a bout with a Fencing Knights member.   The Pegasus is a symbol of the university, in which the club practices at.
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