These are my submissions to Amplifier Art's Global Open Call for Art in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has struck the whole world, so I centered these pieces on the idea of global unity.  We've all been affected somehow, but we all have something to contribute as well. 

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Our medical workers have the world on their shoulders, but we all have a role to play. With the world enveloped by the pandemic, everyone has the opportunity to bring a little light and love to these dark times. We should be united in this effort.

Many find strength, community, and comfort by practicing their faith. With the demand of social distance, many may feel lonely or anxious. It’s important to keep physical distance, but not emotional distance. We can still be there for each other in love, as is hinted by the hidden heart shape of the prayer beads. If we can't be united physically, then we can at least be together digitally and in spirit.

We can only overcome this pandemic if we stand united in the effort. The woman holds a victor’s laurel in one hand, and a medical staff in the other hand - as her foot is atop the virus. A flag representing Earth blows behind her. She’s in armor, because this is a battle that is surely testing us - but it’s important to not abandon the hope of a victorious future to come.  I'll admit....I got a little meticulous with this one, see details below. 

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