Because Destiny is most fun as a collaborative game, I wanted to portray a sense of togetherness.  This piece works as a shiftable hexatych.  It is made of six individual pieces that link with one another to become one, in any configuration. Also, these are the guardians of players I know, which helps to further emphasize the idea of people joining together.  

The name of the series is the desciription from one of items, Ghost Angel Cloak. We are an army of the chosen dead. This speaks to me in two ways.  The joining of forces, an army (coming together), is the first.  The second is that it alludes back to the iconic opening scene, where your guardian looks down at their ex-catatonic hands, and your ghost says  "You've been dead a long time...".  

Thanks to Doaly, Simon Delart, Micah Roland, AdamTizen, and Kyle Stanclift for lending me their guardians!

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